Thursday, September 21, 2006

Here are some Survey monuments in their natural habitat...

I have been working on a Survey in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park - Fall Creek Unit which is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Felton, CA. We have been there off and on over the past two months. Here are some monuments we have found...

[click on photos to enlarge]

A 3/4" tagged pipe we found under 8" of ashpalt pavement (dug out with a hammer and cold chisel):

A little higher view:

It's natural habitat, that's Neal in the background:

This is a 3x3 redwood post we found at the east 1/16 corner of the northeast quarter of Section 18:

Here is a wider view showing its habitat:

This is the northeast corner of Section 18 set in 1867. The notes call for a post in stone mound, the post is gone but the mound still exists and fits calls reasonably well:

This is standing on the corner looking downhill towards our last traverse station, the hill drops off to the right at 38degrees per Neal's inclinometer. We traversed 1400 feet that day through rough country, across a steep creek canyon, up a very steep hill to this corner:


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OK, we may have to take off to John Marsh Home next week for a few day trips, that's near Concord.

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