Thursday, April 20, 2006

CEO of Someonespadre Surveying Inc.

Here he is in his private office at our International HQ...

BunBun, the girls named him that because he sort of hops around like a Bunny Rabbit. One day my wife called me from the mall saying she wanted to adopt this cat (I was thinking like from someone with a box of kittens). Turns out Folsom Feline Rescue was there with a bunch of cats and this particular one was unusually personable and friendly. They did something right because this is the first cat we ever adopted that was clean, no ringworm, kennel cough, no problems whatsoever. All we had to do was get him fixed and he's been pretty easy ever since.

Our other Cat, a female named Doozey (a americanization of the French word for 2, she was number two of twins, the male Ouncie died unfortunately) was very unhappy for a while. Then suddenly she decided BunBun is the love of her life. He has a sort of charm unusual in cats. I think Doozey isn't actually a cat, she's an alien from another planet. She's friendly to me for about 5 minutes, once a week. Strange how suddenly a cat who is indifferent or simply dislikes me is rubbing on me and purring away like I'm her long-lost friend. Then when the 5 minutes is up she's back to her old self. Occasionally I turn on the living room light early in the morning and she'll be sitting on the shelf or top of the stereo quietly scanning the room. Very strange cat, adores my wife.


At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

correction: douze is french for 12. doozey was one of many cats that had been named by the foster mom after french numbers, and i started calling her Doozey, and it just stuck. :)


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